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Haircutting is an art form, so there is no right or wrong way to achieve great results with a haircut. Every stylist is different, but there are some basic principles that all stylists can use to improve speed and quality when cutting men’s hair.

From classic hairstyles to bold looks, we’ve got plenty of ideas to impress every barber and hairstylist. Our hair-cutting technique guides will show you how to choose the right cut for the right face type, as well as how to use SmartCut products for style and expression.

Men’s haircuts are relatively easy if you pay attention and take your time. You can use clippers, electric clippers, or a combination of both. Be confident and trust your intuition. Practice is the best way to hone your skills.

We give you beard service by washing your beard just like your hair, it’s best when it’s clean and oil-free when trimmed. Depending on the type of beard the client has; it may be easier to get a proper trim by combing his beard first. Use these materials towel, comb, scissors, clippers, mirror, and styling products, if you have them. Trim your beard with clippers or scissors.

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